Roughly two-hours with prizes being awarded at the end of the quiz, the Craft Prize being awarded and winner photos.

Heck no! You can play on multiple teams (just not on the same night).

There are three simple rules to trivia: NO shouting answers, NO outside sources (such as phones), and THE QUIZMASTER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. These rules are pretty easy to follow, but if you’re caught breaking one, it’s up to the Quizmaster’s discretion on how to handle it.

Prizes are determined by each individual bar and restaurant.

Usually it’s gift cards to the venue. 

Sometimes they even come with a hearty handshake, respect, and bragging rights until the next game.

And as always a Gift Certificate to one of Craft Partners!

It is up to the venue. In general, if it’s a family type restaurant/bar the answer is yes. 

To be sure, always give the venue a call.

Nothing. All of our shows have always, and will be free to play. 

We only ask that you support the venue by ordering something to eat and drink.

Not to look up answers, no. That isn’t trivia. That’s cheating. Cheating is bad.

Typically we don’t restrict team size but some venues may dictate team size; and the Host may decide to limit a team size if other teams complain.

We always suggest with teams of 6 or more to break into two separate teams, doubles your chance of winning and the losing team can buy the winning team a round of drinks!

Let us know! We’ll contact them and try to get one of our games started at the venue!

Just email your name and number in the "Reach Out" section, and tell us why you would be a great host!

42, duh!

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