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Craft Beer Bingo Nights

Game Play:

We run eight (8) rounds of Bingo alternating between regular Bingo (5 in-a-row) and patterns.

We have fun patterns like Ball & Chain, The Flux Capacitor, 6-Pack, Goal Post, etc. to keep things challenging and interesting. The patterns are always different, and the host has a blank board so they can create a new pattern on the fly. 

Round Prizes:

Each of the eight (8) rounds there is a ‘winner’ and they get a prize. Most venues award a free drink, some venues choose a free appetizer or some type of Craft Beverage bling (like a pair of pint glasses). 

Final Drawing Prizes:

● The winner of each round has their name placed in our bucket for a drawing at the end

of the night for prizes.

● Prizes are usually $10, $15 and $25 gift certificates to the hosting venue, but the value

and the number of prizes is totally up to the venue.

● The Revolution also awards NJ Craft Beverage Prize in the drawing

● Remember: Winning gift certificates can not be used at the hosting venue on the winning night.

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