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Revolution Entertainment & Promotions does hundreds of private events every year. Besides our weekly events, REP is frequently hired to host private functions for large companies, private parties, smaller local companies and non-profit organizations.

We come into your place of business or a neutral venue (like a bar or restaurant) and host a fun, entertaining and engaging event for your gang. Our list of past clients includes: PNC Arts Center, The NY Red Bulls, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, The Pequannock Patriots, Drew University, Aeropostale among many others.

REP has also held private functions for much more intimate groups such as family reunions, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, fundraisers and even wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions! We can tailor the quiz to your desires and we have a wide network of venues we work closely with; we can hold private functions at one of our existing locations or a venue of choice by the client.

Our game consists of 20 questions that are split into 4 rounds of 5 questions each. There is a halftime and a final Bonus Wager question designed to keep everyone in the game. Each question is separated by one song. During that song teams deliberate on the answer. The game itself is casually paced for entertainment and not a Jeopardy tryout. The structure allows for an entertaining time while still allowing for conversation, dinner, and drinks.

Let’s be honest, karaoke is not that much fun, clowns are for kids and DJs are loud and annoying. Party games are seldom fun and often awkward (been there). Leave the entertainment to the professionals at REP.

We’ve been at this since 2010, you can trust us to put on an awesome time, with entertaining questions while throwing in some humorous (and safe for work) jokes. We can also tailor our private events to our client’s needs, so if you have some specific topics you’d like, we’re all ears! We can host events at short notice, but usually, like at least two weeks to put it all together.

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