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Revolution Rivals

Introducing Revolution Rivals – A Thrilling Twist on Family Feud!

Get ready for a game night like no other with Revolution Rivals, brought to you by Revolution Entertainment & Promotions. Inspired by the classic TV show Family Feud, we've added a captivating twist that will keep everyone engaged and entertained!

Unlike traditional trivia games, Revolution Rivals allows as many teams as desired to compete simultaneously, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere. Each team will have the chance to showcase their knowledge and quick thinking in four rounds of play, featuring both Regular and Wager questions.

In each round, teams must race to submit their answers to the host, promoting active participation and ensuring a lively ambiance. The questions follow the format of a survey, where answers are ranked based on popularity. For Regular questions, teams earn points for guessing one of the top three answers. The #1 answers award 10 points, #2 answers grant 7 points, and #3 answers give 4 points. Beyond the top three answers, teams receive zero points.

Now, here's where the excitement peaks – the Wager questions!

These questions work similarly to Jeopardy, as teams can both gain or lose points based on their wagered answers. The catch is that teams must bet on the #1 answer only, adding an element of strategy and anticipation to the game. With varying Point Allowances for wagering in each round, the challenge remains fresh and engaging.

Revolution Rivals prides itself on a live event experience that brings people together. Instead of relying on screens or smartphone apps, our game nights feature a charismatic live host who engages with the audience. The questions are announced over the microphone, capturing everyone's attention and creating a sense of community. People in the bar or venue, whether playing or not, can't help but listen and join the excitement.

To further enhance the experience, we embrace social media to promote our events. We actively promote and share event details, winner photos, and bonus item tags on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By partnering with the venue and leveraging the power of social media, we ensure a successful event together.

Our Revolution Rivals shows are designed to last no longer than two hours, striking the perfect balance between entertainment and preventing boredom or fatigue.

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